Local Communities

Friends of Jesus – DC Metro Area


Friends of Jesus - DC Metro Area

Friends of Jesus – DC Metro Area is one of the founding communities of the Friends of Jesus Fellowship. In late 2009, Friends of Jesus began gathering near the seat of federal government, at a Quaker hostel just blocks from the US Capitol Building. Today, we are exploring what it means to develop a core community here in the Washington region.

One big focus for us here in the DC area is to provide an alternative to the exhausting cycle of busyness and status-seeking that is so pervasive in our city. As followers of the homeless Messiah, living in one of the world’s most powerful and cultured cities presents us with a special challenge. Seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are looking for ways to bridge the racial and economic disparities that divide our city.

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Friends of Jesus – Detroit

New City FriendsAlong with Friends in DC, Friends of Jesus – Detroit is a founding member-community of the Friends of Jesus Fellowship. Based in a unique urban environment, we seek to cooperate with where God is already at work in our city – in our streets, neighborhoods, and community gardens.

The Friends of Jesus in Detroit are challenged to find a way to live out the love of Jesus in some of the places hardest hit by the economic downturns of previous decades. Following the collapse of Michigan’s industrial base, how can we as followers of Jesus learn to rebuild a more just and sustainable economy? What might Kingdom economics look like in the ruins of Empire?

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Friends of Jesus – Philadelphia

Expanding the circle of community is a major mission focus for Friends of Jesus in Philadelphia. We seek to embody the reality of Christ’s love, walking with those who have often felt excluded or marginalized in a variety of ways. FOJ-Philadelphia emphasizes spiritual formation, helping each person to discover their spiritual gifts and become a blessing to others.

In 2013, FOJ-Philly stood with area residents, calling for an end to the cycle of gun violence that has so plagued our city. FOJ also engaged in street outreach, sharing the news of God’s love and building relationships with those who live on the margins or on the streets.

Today, we are engaging in ongoing outreach in the Philadelphia area, with the hopes of forming an expanding community that is grounded in the love of Jesus and respect for those who are often misunderstood by the wider society.

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Communities in Formation

The Friends of Jesus fellowship is engaged in growing new local fellowships across geographical boundaries. We are currently collaborating with local partners in New York, Kansas, Indiana, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Would you like to see a Friends of Jesus community emerge in your area? Let us know at contact@fojf.org.