The Workers of the Friends of Jesus Fellowship

The workers of the Friends of Jesus Fellowship are a core of leaders from among our local and virtual communities. They take active responsibility for the ongoing work of the Fellowship as a whole. Together, the workers oversee support and guidance for our communities, nurture emerging spiritual gifts, organize events, coordinate outreach, and help establish new communities.


Adria Gulizia lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with her husband Stefano. From her home in the New York City region, she leads the Friends of Jesus online community. Meeting over Google Hangout, the Virtual Base Group gathers individuals from across the United States, encouraging them in their walk with Jesus. Adria is a gifted teacher, passionate speaker, and dedicated friend.



Bill Samuel has four decades of experience in the Society of Friends, and has served in leadership roles from the Monthly Meeting to the Friends United Meeting levels. He is a graduate of the School of the Spirit’s Spiritual Nurture Program, and loves to be an encourager to others. He has been actively involved in Christian renewal among Friends and in the broader Christian community for more than two decades. He currently serves as a small group leader, Ministry Support Team Coordinator and Treasurer for Friends of Jesus – DC Metro Area, as well as on the Workers Group of Friends of Jesus Fellowship.


Faith Kelley lives in Washington, DC with her husband Micah, son George, dog Austin, and two housemates. A part of the founding of Friends of Jesus – DC Metro Area, she now serves as its clerk and the host of DC small group. Growing up in Ohio, Faith was raised in an Evangelical Friends church and participated in inter-faith and ecumenical ministry in college. As an adult she became a member of Ohio Yearly Meeting and still has affiliate membership there. Having moved to DC for an internship at the William Penn House, a Quaker hostel and seminar center, she now works as a library associate for the DC Public Library. In December she will complete her Masters in Library and Information Science.


Micah Bales enjoys the opportunity that living in Washington, DC provides to do “gospel research and development.” In 2009, Micah and Faith began inviting friends to worship and explore building a Quaker, Christian community on Capitol Hill. In the fall of 2011, Micah participated in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, becoming a founding organizer of Occupy DC. In 2013, he helped launch Friends of Jesus – DC Metro Area, a multiplying network of small groups across the region. Micah serves as a released minister with Friends of Jesus, providing leadership development, community support, and strategic outreach across our entire network. He and Faith recently welcomed their son, George, into the family.



Michelle Williamson has been a member of Friends of Jesus – Detroit for about two years. She worked at the Detroit Public Library for a number of years and is now a stay-at-home mother to two energetic boys, Henry and Hugo. Through her time with Friends of Jesus, Michelle has had the opportunity to exercise gifts in counseling and pastoral care. She has also enjoyed hosting meeting in her home with her husband, Ian. Michelle loves gardening and game nights.



Tyler Hampton has been involved in the Friends of Jesus Fellowship since its inception and currently serves as its clerk. In 2008, he helped found what is now Friends of Jesus – Detroit as a midweek meeting for worship and meal. Since that time Tyler has explored his calling in areas of neighborhood service, gardening, eldering, and worship.