2013 Spring Gathering Epistle

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Warm greetings in Christ’s love from Barnesville, Ohio. The Friends of Jesus Fellowship (FoJF) met for our Spring gathering at Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting. We welcomed several first time attenders, and the number of us doubled from last year! In addition to FoJF’s two member communities in Washington, DC and Detroit, groups are now forming in Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, and also in an online community. The age range of our fellowship is evenly spread, from Millennials to Gen Xers to Baby Boomers.

Friends came from across the United States, many meeting for the first time, to deepen friendships, new and old alike. We came to know each other more fully, to offer prayer, encouragement, and support for our growing communities. We came to further equip one another to be disciples of Jesus. Our worship was both tender and lively. We are excited by the vision of a broadly missional new movement of Friends – for that is what we believe the Holy Spirit is shaping in our midst.

This weekend’s theme was grounded in John 11:14-26, “I am the resurrection and the life.” We gladly received the truth of Jesus’ power to deliver each of us from sin and death. We celebrated Christ’s triumph over death, and were encouraged to share this Good News to a world that is thirsting for Living Water.

We listened for God’s purpose and direction for our growing movement. We received new wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit that arose out of gathered worship, small-group discussions, and our spiritual Communion – in fellowship with God and one another. We share some of this weekend’s inspiration on the attached Minutes of Exercise, recorded from Saturday’s session.

Friends, we are optimistic about the future of the FoJF movement. The growth, unity, and deep connection we are experiencing together lead us to believe that God is cultivating a new generation of Friends to build the body of Christ as disciples of Jesus. We are discerning a sense of direction and purpose that we invite you to become a part of. We see ourselves living fully into this present time of renewal and growth while witnessing to the presence of new Life and Power among us and into the world. Won’t you consider joining with us as we transform into the Blessed Community that God is leading? We look forward to welcoming you, as brothers and sisters, into the family of God!

In the Light and love of Christ,

The Friends of Jesus Fellowship

Approved: April 7, 2013