About Us

About us

Do you want to live in the same life and power that the early Church experienced? To rediscover the fire, passion, and creativity that was at the heart of the early Quaker movement?

The women and men of the Friends of Jesus Fellowship are hearing a call to go deeper. We are united in our experience that Jesus is alive and at work, teaching his people himself. With this experience as our inspiration, we seek to be a growing fellowship that demonstrates the character of Jesus.

Friends of Jesus is…

  • Passionately Christ-Centered Our experience of the Holy Spirit draws us to become friends and followers of Jesus. He is the inspiration and guide for everything we do.
  • Committed to Outreach The love and forgiveness we experience in Jesus compels us to share this good news with the world. We seek to be a growing spiritual family, growing together in the way of Christ.
  • Radically Inclusive In the Bible, we find that God does some of his most amazing work through the people you’d least expect. That’s been our experience, too. We are continually astonished by the beauty and power at work in the lives of those who are often excluded from the church. We commit ourselves to cherishing the presence of Christ in the life of each person.
  • Rooted in Quaker Faith & Practice We have been nourished and inspired by the spiritual discoveries of the early Quaker movement, and we continue to draw from this rich tradition. Friends of Jesus seeks to live in the same life and power that gave rise to the early church and the early Friends.