Minutes Of Exercise From 2013 Spring Gathering

These messages and insights were minuted to capture the spirit of our Spring gathering at Friends Center, Barnesville, OH, April 5-7, 2013.

#1 When God asks you to let go of something, let go.

#2 Let things go where Christ wills.

#2 Let go… or get dragged.

#3 Spread the Good Word.

#4 Reach out to others.

#5 Pray out loud sometimes, and in unexpected and unfamiliar places.

#6 76 is the new 35!

#7 Don’t judge other Friends. Look at where Christ is leading me, not at the shortcomings of others. Silence your inner Pharisee.

#8 Create times and places to celebrate God, to share your excitement, to jump up and down!

#9 Network with those who possess and model the qualities and character that you seek to reflect.

#10 Relate creatively with other spiritual paths and traditions.

#11 Seek God’s presence in everyone, everywhere.

#12 Sit open to grief. Lament, and lay down our losses and brokenness at the foot of the Cross. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable.

#13 Embrace difference and strive to find, claim, and live into your authentic self.

#14 Pray for the angel of the Church to be present among us.

#15 Pray. And keep praying.